Thursday, May 3, 2007

HDR Creek Painting

HDR Painting, originally uploaded by jw_creations.

This photo was shot at a local park just North of Madison, called Tolken Creek. This Dane County park contains a creek which flows approximately 10,000 gal/sec and provides ~90% of the water which flows into our local system of lakes.

This shot is a favorite of mine not only because of the multiple objects in motion, but also because of the painted quality of colors, saturations, and contrasts. In one exposure, a fish jumped from the pond. In another, a red truck drove past. The saturated orange light on the marsh grasses is actually direct sunlight, and this photo was taken about 25 minutes before sundown.

In order to fully appreciate this image, it's best viewed by clicking on the photo directly (which takes you to the photo's Flickr page), and then click the "All Sizes" button and view the largest size.

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