Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Non-functional Windmill

This was a cool shot and I was surprised how nicely it came out despite the fact it was just a quick snap out the mini-van window while stuck in traffic in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

As for a little known (or unknown) history on Fort Wayne, the city has historically served as a transportation and communications hub due to the fact it's nearly equidistant from Chicago, Cincinnati, and Detroit and has served as an incubator for many companies and products.

Fort Wayne is named after Gen. "Mad" Anthony Wayne. The United States Army built this last in a series of forts near the community of Kekionga, the largest of all Miami villages (the Miami nation established the first settlement in the mid-17th Century), which is located where the St. Joseph River and St. Mary's River join to form the Maumee River.

Beside its "Summit City" nickname, Fort Wayne also is informally called the "City of Churches" by some of its residents; a nickname that stretches back to the late 1800s when the city was the hub of regional Catholic and Lutheran faiths. Until the building of the Lincoln Bank Tower in 1929, church and cathedral spires dominated the city's skyline. Fort Wayne is also known as the "City of Restaurants" (with over 600 in and around the city) - and serves as a sort of "testing grounds" for new franchises before branching out across the country.


Thijs said...

If you continue with making these awesome shots i continue looking at your blog;)

The-big-man, moderator of Motif'd Challenges

JonahW said...

Well I definitely appreciate you checking out my blog! You're one of the few who actually do (so far...!).

Thanks again and I can guarantee these shots are near endless!

mysparetimedesign said...

Love the colors, love the perspectives...